At we understand thats pellets are not easy to get. After talking to our suppliers,we can offer to do pellets but it has to be 800kg bags and we must get enough orders for a lorry load before we can place the order. So once we get enough intrested we then can place our order with our suppliers. 

800 kg 8 mm træpiller i Big Bag.

Gode ​​træpiller i 8mm FSC®

Kan afhentes i Kolding, eller kan sendes mod merpris, som afregnes særskilt.

Forventes klar om 2-3 uger.

4,000.00 KR

You pay nothing till the day of pick up. You can pay us at the warehouse where we can meet you, Or you can pay online on the day of the pickup or you can come to our office and pay.

Please if you are interested in pellets please contact us. We have already sold our first lorry load and in the process of getting the second one.

Phone - 41377770
Email  -
Kontack page

or just simply drop us a message.